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The Power of Group Programs, Curricula & Masterminds

“A good coach will give you great ideas AND make sure you act on them. A great coach will bring together a powerful group of like-minded individuals to exponentially expand the quality of the program and results.”

Masterminds are Group Programs led by an expert guide that are designed to facilitate exponential results in a group of people moving toward the same goal.

Masterminds Bring 4 Key Elements that contribute to the group’s success:


Generally the group is led by a guide who has demonstrated an expertise in the areas covered in the mastermind. The guide serves as a teacher and a coach. 


Accountability is created not only by the action items given by the guide but by the group supporting each other. Often a buddy system is created between meetings.

Peer Support

In addition to accountability peer support provides a catalyst for new ideas, innovation, and collaboration.


Structures and systems are provided inside of the mastermind that help the participants produce results exponentially faster than they would have on their own. These systems and structures are usually provided by the lead guide.


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What Our Dr. Mommies Are Saying

"A dream come true"

"Before I came to see Dr. Clairborne, I was experiencing burnout and dissatisfaction with my work/career situation. I chose Dr. Maiysha as a coach because I had prior experience with working with her in a similar capacity, and she was tremendously helpful to me. She is also very personable...easy to trust and work with. The coaching with Dr. Maiysha was definitely engaging and life changing, because it enabled me to grow my career and take my life down a different path once I was able to clarify and focus on opportunities that were not present before. Since coaching with Dr. Clairborne, I have grown my business, experienced an increase in income and am currently the new owner of my own wellness center. I would definitely recommend this coaching to other physicians, and actually already have done so. They display utmost consistency in delivering on what they promises."

~ K.P. MD 



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