As an Organization, Stress Free Mom MD is 100% focused on helping women and moms in medicine reclaim time, freedom, and peace of mind. Dr. Maiysha is one of the top 5 physicians making a difference in the area of burnout and career fulfillment.  She believes that helping women in medicine find their career sweet spot, and create their ideal careers allows our Dr. Mommies to find that perfect rhythm between being their doc life and their home life.  

    We look at things from the physician mom’s perspective. Having the right tools, skillset and support equals more time for yourself, your family, and the things you love in life. We pay attention the things that really make the difference like getting to the root cause of what’s not working, knowing what you really want, and getting yourself out of the way so you can create the structures and systems that will get you there. Because you are already busy, and You’ve already got a million hats to wear… you don’t have time in your busy life to be trying to figure out where to fit some complicated but ineffective work-life balance solution, that you learned from someone who really doesn’t understand what you go through as a mom in medicine.

    Our Focus

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is Three Fold: 

    1. Prevent physician burnout in women and moms in medicine before it starts - Showing women in medicine and Dr. Mommies that they CAN achieve a rhythm between doc life & home life and providing the tools, structures and systems to do so.

    2. Empower Mental-Emotional well-being of doctors & healthcare providers

    3. Empower Physician Prosperity – Imbuing physician moms and women in medicine with a sense of power, freedom and autonomy in their careers by teaching principles of entrepreneurship, business, and creating multiple streams revenue.


    Creating a New Future


    Our Vision

    OUR VISION: Physician Mom Wellness

    Coaching overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted physician moms and women in medicine find balance in their lives so that they can have more time with their kids, reconnect their spouse, and do the things they love to do for themselves, without sacrificing income, and while creating a career of their design.

    Connecting the Women & Physician Mom Community Worldwide by Through Our Results Producing Group Masterminds, Retreats, Vacation Learning and VIP programs.

    Creating Partnerships with Hospitals and Medical Systems that will allow ongoing support of their physicians through the dissemination of our results proven tools and programs



    More About Dr. Clairborne


    Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

    • Board Certified Family Physician, Integrative Medicine Focused

    • Master NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Trainer

    • Successful Entrepreneur – Owned & Operated Integrative Medicine Practice X 10 years

    • Associate Clinical Professor Morehouse School of Medicine

    • Physician Wellness Trainer in various organizations, hospitals and conferences around the world (see a list of our corporate collaborations)

    • Author of The Wellness Blueprint and Eat Your Disease Away

    • Proud Mom

    Dr. Clairborne Full Bio


    The Stress Free Mom MD, Helping Women in Medicine Create the Life You Design