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We Provide the Ultimate Physician Mom Support

As physician moms, our coaches understand the challenges of trying to balance being a successful doctor with being a present mom and spouse. We have been through what you are going through, and have not only forged our own path back, but have been fully trained to help you do the same.

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What Are All of the Areas Do You Focus on in Your Physician Coaching?

We are trained to coach on many areas of focus, however we find that most moms usually fall into these 4 categories:

  • Physician Mom Wellness Coaching - Reclaiming Time & Reconnecting to Your Well-Being
  • Physician Time Management and Organization
  • Physician Mom Career Coaching - Ideal Job & Career Transition Coaching
  • Physician Mom Entrepreneur Coaching & Mentorship

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Physician Career Coaching

Love medicine but hate the job? Dealing with a toxic environment? Ready to abandon ship? BEFORE you quit your job, schedule a call with us. Often times we discover that making the right requests in the right way can turn things around at your existing job. And look, if it doesn’t, let us help you find a new one. We take you through a very systematic process of creating and finding your job ideal without the overwhelm of the job search nightmare. We guide you through the interview process and ensure that you accept the BEST possible offers…offers most congruent with what you want and deserve.

 Physician Entrepreneur Coaching

Whether you are looking to create a side gig or wanting to transition to a new main gig, you will learn on this track the mindset, success principles of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing that it takes to successfully make your career transition. We do this by taking you through a system with years of proven success that will help you create, launch and build your new stream of income. With the support of a seasoned physician entrepreneur you will get a solid foundation that will have you on your way to a second revenue stream quicker than you think.


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What Our Dr Mommies Are Saying

"A dream come true"

Before I came to see Dr. Clairborne, I was experiencing burnout and dissatisfaction with my work/career situation. I chose Dr. Maiysha as a coach because I had prior experience with working with her in a similar capacity, and she was tremendously helpful to me. She is also very personable...easy to trust and work with. The coaching with Dr. Maiysha was definitely engaging and life changing, because it enabled me to grow my career and take my life down a different path once I was able to clarify and focus on opportunities that were not present before. Since coaching with Dr. Clairborne, I have grown my business, experienced an increase in income and am currently the new owner of my own wellness center. I would definitely recommend this coaching to other physicians, and actually already have done so. They display utmost consistency in delivering on what they promises.

~ K.P. MD 

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