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Find Joy, Fulfillment & Meaning In Medicine Again

Remember when you first chose to be a doctor? You chose that profession because you wanted to help people. You wanted to make a difference in peoples' lives and in the world. You were once proud to hear the words "doctor" before your name.

Little did you know that with those simple letters came an enormous responsibility beyond what you were told or could imagine.  Besides the stresses of taking care of patients, you began to be inundated with paperwork, poorly functional EMR's, endless charting, bureaucracy, and long hours spent away from home, family, and the things that once gave you joy in life.

This kind experience can eventually lead to loss of passion for the job. The joy and meaning that medicine once meant to you could leave you wanting to leave medicine altogether.

The Stress Free Mom MD can help to restore the Joy and Meaning in your career again. In Our coaching sessions, we work with you:

  • Helping Dr. Mommies & Women in Medicine like you to discover your Career Ideal
  • Providing you the Tools to Move toward Your Ideal on a day to day basis
  • Eliminate "Head Trash" that has you stuck and unable to move forward either in your existing job or into a career.
  • Help you to Navigate Road Blocks in your current job or career so that you experience more power, freedom, self expression and peace of mind where you are.
  • Help you discover, deepen, or expand ideas for secondary sources income
  • Show you ways to Leverage Your MD Degree within Medicine and in Nonclinical Settings
  • Show You How to Transition Out of Clinical Medicine Altogether
  • Support you in starting or moving forward in your entrepreneurial endeavors
  • ....and more

If you are struggling to find enjoyment, passion, or fulfillment in your career, or if you are Thinking About Leaving Medicine, Contact Us Today!

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