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Burnout to Balance Life By Design 90 Day

Dr. Mommies, Are You feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed? Leaving Early, Staying late, and still feeling like you can’t keep up with all of the work? Feeling that classic “mom guilt” about missing quality time with your kids and even your spouse? When we as Dr. Mommies burnout, it impacts our patients, our families, our children, and most importantly our own physical and mental health. Physician Mom Wellness coaching focuses on helping you take back your time so you can not only recharge and recover when you need to, but also be present to create those priceless family moments you feel like you’ve been missing.

As physician moms, we understand the challenges of trying to balance being a successful doctor with being a present mom and spouse. We have been through what you are going through, and have not only forged our own path back, but have been fully trained to help you do the same.

What Areas Do You Focus on in Your Physician Coaching?

  • We are trained to coach on many areas of focus, however we find that most moms usually fall into these 4 categories:
  • Physician Mom Wellness - Reclaiming Time & Reconnecting to Your Well-Being
  • Physician Time Management and Organization
  • Physician Mom Career Coaching Ideal Job & Career Transition Coaching
  • Physician Mom Entrepreneur Coaching & Mentorship

Reclaim Your Time, Freedom, & Peace of Mind: Create a Life You Design

This program is designed to get you crystal clear about what you want, and create the structures to get it.

    • Get you to the root cause of what’s not working, identifying the source of your stuckness
    • Identify where mindset is in the way…Your limiting decisions, internal conflicts & self-sabotage mechanisms… and then eliminate those barriers, leaving you free to move forward with more certainty and confidence.
    • Identify the strategic actions needed to move toward your new career/job/venture, train you on the necessary steps, communications, and strategies to easily move from where you are to where you want to be.
    • Put in place the resources, systems, strategies, and structures that will help you to be successful in your transition long term.
    • Learn how to communicate yourself in such a way that the people and organizations you communicate with want to support you.
    • Create a bulletproof self care plan, that will help you keep your life workable while you transition to the career of your design
When You Purchase This Burnout to Balance 90 Day Program, You'll Get:
  • The Burnout to Balance Online Course (3+ hours of online training) to jump start your self care strategies and help you reclaim your time and freedom for self, family, and the things you love 
  • Wellness Inventory Assessment (the wellness inventory) so you can know the areas you most need to work on first and have an online journal to keep your progress 
  • Boundaries for Balance Roadmap 
  • Medical Mom’s Life Hacks Checklist 
  • Conscious Communication Template & Transcripts 
  • Mindset Matrix Guide: Deprogram Negative Thoughts & Behavior 
  • Roadmap to Reconnection Blueprint (Reconnect to Family, Spouse, Children,Friends, and things you love) 
  • Ultimate Wellness Blueprint Roadmap 
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching with Our Team 
  • Myers Briggs & MBVI Values Inventory 
    • Both of these frameworks each will help you better understand your personality and processing style so that you can know what things put you a higher risk for falling back into old patterns that lead back into burnout – so you can avoid repeating old mistakes in the future once you have successfully created your ideal

What Other Moms in Medicine Are Saying


I was definitely suffering from burnout, mommy guilt, and lack of satisfaction in my career when I first went to see Dr. Maiysha for coaching. And to be honest, I probably was suffering from postpartum depression too.  I chose Dr. Maiysha because of her relatable nature as a woman physician,  and being  a previous patient of hers, I knew she was very focused on maintaining wellness and balance.  Working with Dr. Maiysha allowed me to be okay with taking time for myself and living my life on my own terms.  ~R.T.  Pediatrician

I learned so much from Dr. Clairborne's sessions. When I first started going to her, I was stressed out and didn't know if there was a way to settle down. I was staying at work up to 2 hours past my shifts, exhausted driving home in the middle of the night, and then getting home and trying to take care of the household instead of taking time to rest first. I felt guilty for wanting to take time to rest feeling like I was neglecting my son. I was always stressed out by and irritated with my husband who just wanted to spend time with me because I was not able to set the boundary with him to allow me a little time to recover. During her sessions, I was able to let go of some of the thoughts, ideas and perceptions that was holding me back and making me hold on to things that happened to me in the past but was affecting me in the present. Because I was engaged in this process, I was able to make the hard changes necessary and move forward. I now leave work on time which gives me 2 more hours in the day to be with my son, rest, and recover. I no longer feel guilty about setting boundaries. This has made me better with my son and my husband. The staff and nurses at work even comment on my progress, and I'm better able to communicate boundaries respectfully and compassionately with patients because of this process. I would suggest Dr. Claiborne's services to anyone who is open to making changes in their life to be less stressed and more focused on what is important. I would suggest her services for anyone who wants to let go of past hurt, anxieties and problems so that they can live a good life in the present and future.  ~S. S.  Pediatric ER

The Stress Free Mom MD, Helping Women in Medicine Create the Life You Design