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“Before working with Dr. Clairborne, I knew that I was ready to make a change in how I practiced and the extent to which I practiced. I was not burned out, but complete on feeling the need to be tied to an office or desk. Dr. Clairborne was affirming of this and helped to mold and create my new vision. She was very supportive, nurturing and warm. I chose to hire Dr. Clairborne because she has always had a warm, confident, knowledgeable presence. She was already making a huge career shift in her own life, and who better to support me in shifting than someone who was already in the process of doing the same. Coaching with Dr. C was not only transformative for my career but with myself, my relationships, and my finances. She also is very supportive for women finding life-work-mommy balance. That is invaluable. Since coaching with Dr. C, I have not only produced to webinars, but posted them for purchase and I am currently hosting a seminar series for women. This all unfolding in the span of a few months. I have better relationships and balance. This is in part due to Dr. C's support. I would absolutely recommend Dr. C to anyone who is on the fence or ready to make a shift in their life- not just career. Dr. C 150% provides the experience and service she promises. Her follow through is impeccable, and she goes above and beyond in supporting her client.” 

~ N.W. MD

Internal Medicine/Integrative Medicine


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I was definitely suffering from burnout, mommy guilt, and lack of satisfaction in my career when I first went to see Dr. Maiysha for coaching. And to be honest, I probably was suffering from postpartum depression too.  I chose Dr. Maiysha because of her relatable nature as a woman physician,  and being  a previous patient of hers, I knew she was very focused on maintaining wellness and balance.  Working with Dr. Maiysha allowed me to be okay with taking time for myself and living my life on my own terms.  Since then, I have started a small business in coaching and consulting, and I make sure I do something for myself on a regular basis whether that be getting a massage, exercising, or just reading a book. I also get more quality time with my kids to do fun things, and my connection with my husband has deepened because we do more "couple stuff" more often. Although, I don't have it all figured out yet, I am happy to be continually opening up in the process of figuring how what I love and who I am in the world in a balanced and fulfilling way. Dr. Maiysha helped me to do that. I would definitely recommend working with her as her insight has been invaluable. 

~ R.T. MD Pediatrician


I learned so much from Dr. Clairborne's sessions. When I first started going to her, I was stressed out and didn't know if there was a way to settle down. I was staying at work up to 2 hours past my shifts, exhausted driving home in the middle of the night, and then getting home and trying to take care of the household instead of taking time to rest first. I felt guilty for wanting to take time to rest feeling like I was neglecting my son. I was always stressed out by and irritated with my husband who just wanted to spend time with me because I was not able to set the boundary with him to allow me a little time to recover. Dr. Maiysha gave me tools and suggestions that I could use in my daily life to make things better. During her sessions, I was able to let go of some of the thoughts, ideas and perceptions that was holding me back and making me hold on to things that happened to me in the past but was affecting me in the present. She gave me weekly goals to accomplish. Because I was engaged in this process, I was able to make the hard changes necessary and move forward. I now leave work on time which gives me 2 more hours in the day to be with my son, rest, and recover. I no longer feel guilty about setting boundaries so that I now get myself rested after long shifts. I plan date nights with my husband that work for my schedule, and I take at least 30 - 60 minutes a day of "me" time just to decompress. This has made me better with my son and my husband. The staff and nurses at work even comment on my progress, and I'm better able to communicate boundaries respectfully and compassionately with patients because of this process. I would suggest Dr. Claiborne's services to anyone who is open to making changes in their life to be less stressed and more focused on what is important. Also I would suggest her services for anyone who wants to let go of past hurt, anxieties and problems so that they can live a good life in the present and future.

~S.S. MD Pediatric Emergency Medicine



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 Before I started coaching with Dr. Clairborne, my work-life was pretty routine but more-so on the mundane side. My days were strategically calculated and scheduled, I was doing more-or-less the same thing day in and day out, and things were becoming almost robotic in nature. I was definitely doing what I was supposed to do, but there was a shift in my focus from the WHY I was doing what I was doing to the WHAT was I doing…and WHEN…and HOW. I began allowing myself to become consumed in the regular stressors that came with setbacks, running a business, practicing any form of healing, etc.

 During the coaching, the major breakthrough I had that changed my life was that of staying true to my WHY. Never losing sight of the inspiration and excitement I had when I initially discovered what it is that I do. The passion behind really HEALING people, rather than just treating them; and the motivation behind wanting to really cause a transformation in how our country related to healthcare and how each patient relates to his/her own personal wellness.

 Since the coaching, I have significantly grown as an individual, as a practitioner, and as a brand. I have realized how I can impact the most lives in the shortest amount of time, and have begun really focusing on the education piece that is missing in healthcare by meeting people where they are at and growing their wellness knowledge at their own learning pace. I have been taking on more speaking engagements and wellness events that enable me to share valuable information on disease prevention and wellness maintenance. I have also incorporated writing in this educational piece, composing everything from e-books to blog articles, inspiring people to want to live healthy lives one lifestyle choice at a time.

 I would recommend Dr. Clairborne to other healthcare providers for the simple fact that she genuinely cares, and she really gets it. Her motive is nothing more than wanting to provide physician & provider well being. To know that someone is so moved by the commitment to empower health care providers that they would lay their own practice to the side for the sake of doing so was enough said for me. Also, she is a practitioner herself, so she knows first hand what we are going through, so it doesn’t feel like someone is trying to “figure us out”. She truly stands for our wellness, career fulfillment and over-all life balance…and you really feel that when you work with her.

~ K.P. MD 
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Meet Maiysha Clairborne M.D.

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an integrative family physician, an Associate Clinical Professor for Morehouse School of Medicine and the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Wellness, DocSupport LLC & Stress Free Mom MD.  

Her repeated exposure to and experience with treating exhaustion and burnout in physicians and as well as her own struggle with burnout is what inspired her to turn her focus exclusively to physicians.  

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