Moms in Medicine Create a Life of Your Design:
    7 Month Ideal Career Mastermind & Mentor Program


    Start Creating Your Ideal Career Today

    This Results Producing Mastermind Mentorship Program Will Help You:
      • Get you crystal clear about what you want, so you know the best path for you.
      • Get you to the root cause of what’s not working, identifying the source of your stuckness
      • Identify where mindset is in the way…Your limiting decisions, internal conflicts & self-sabotage mechanisms… and then eliminate those barriers, leaving you free to move forward with more certainty and confidence.
      • Identify the strategic actions needed to move toward your new career/job/venture, train you on the necessary steps, communications, and strategies to easily move from where you are to where you want to be.
      • Provide you with the resources, systems, strategies, and structures that will help you to be successful in your transition long term.
      • Teach you how to communicate yourself in such a way that the people and organizations you communicate with want to support you.
      • Arm you with a bulletproof self care plan, that will help you keep your life workable while you transition to the career of your design

    This Results Based Mastermind Includes

    7 One on One Coaching Calls to Personalize Your Goals, Get You Through Stuck Spaces, and Keep you on Track & Producing Results

    7 Monthly Live Group Training Calls followed by Q & A to Deepen Your Knowledge & Move You Into New Action

    Have access to the full Life By Design Online Course (3+ hours of online training valued at more than $1500) to jump start your self care strategies and help you reclaim your time and freedom for self, family, and the things you love

    Ideal Career Builder Training – Learn the secrets to finding and securing your Ideal Job without tech overwhelm or the job search nightmare

    Online EMR Power User training - Start Finishing Your Charts & Leaving Work at Work in 30 Days or Less without tech overwhelm 

    Community of Like Minded Moms Who Understand What You Are Going through- Connect, Share Ideas, & Keep You Accountable
    Free Wellness Assessment (the wellness inventory) so you can know the areas you most need to work on first and have an online journal to keep your progress ($99)

    Online Wellness Inventory complete with online journal - know the areas you most need to work on first and have an online journal to keep your progress

    Free Myers Briggs & MBVI Values Inventory- Understand how you think and process so you better know what things put you at higher risk for burnout

    Physician's Monthly Empowerment Book Club- Get the Resources All the Most Successful Professionals Are Using To Maintain Wealth & Balance

    Continued Growing Library of trainings on physician wellness, entrepreneurship, creating the ideal job

    15% discount on one on one coaching, products and live events (VIP days and Retreats)

    If you are tired of being overwhelmed & exhausted, disenchanted with your current career, and are ready to create a career of your design, then Schedule Your Free Strategy Session Today! We only accept 20 women per cycle, so slots are limited and they Will go fast. 

    If you are tired of being stuck, exhausted, overwhelmed…
    If you are tired of losing time with your family…
    If you are tired of feeling overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated….
    If you are tired of being in a career that is no longer fulfilling you...

    Here’s what others have said:

    I just wanted to take the time to let you know that in one hour's time, you helped propel me into making BIG CHANGES! Since your lecture, I quit the unorganized, inefficient practice where I was unhappily working. I've joined a new, peaceful practice that has a coaching support and a great business model. Two weeks in and I still have really good feelings about it.
    Add that below middle testimonial to balance
    "I finally feel a sense of peace that I'm fulfilling my purpose."
    I learned so much from Dr. Claiborne's sessions. When I first started going to her, I was stressed out and didn't know if there was a way to settle down. Since I have some control of my time, I am feeling better about life, not as exhausted and a way more patient mom/wife. Thanks for your help.
    I have not felt this good in a long time.
    Thank you for helping me see the importance of balance. 

    The Stress Free Mom MD, Helping Women in Medicine Create the Life You Design