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The Power of Masterminds

“A good coach will give you great ideas AND make sure you act on them. A great coach will bring together a powerful group of like-minded individuals to exponentially expand the quality of the program and results.”

Masterminds Bring 4 Key Elements that contribute to the group’s success:

Mentorship - Generally the group is led by a guide who has demonstrated an expertise in the areas covered in the mastermind. The guide serves as a teacher and a coach. 

Accountability - Accountability is created not only by the action items given by the guide but by the group supporting each other. Often a buddy system is created between meetings.

Peer Support - In addition to accountability peer support provides a catalyst for new ideas, innovation, and collaboration.

Systems - Structures and systems are provided inside of the mastermind that help the participants produce results exponentially faster than they would have on their own. These systems and structures are usually provided by the lead guide.

Life by Design 90 Day Life Hack Program

Dr. Mommies, Are You feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed? Leaving Early, Staying late, and still feeling like you can’t keep up with all of the work? Feeling that classic “mom guilt” about missing quality time with your kids and even your spouse? When we as Dr. Mommies burnout, it impacts our patients, our families, our children, and most importantly our own physical and mental health. The Life By Design 90 Day Program focuses on helping you take back your time so you can not only recharge and recover when you need to, but also be present to create those priceless family moments you feel like you’ve been missing.


Mind Re-Mapping Program

Get Rid of the Old Emotions, Negative Thoughts, and Limiting Decisions that Hold You Back from your Ultimate Success!

When we become stuck in life as adults it's usually because of an unconscious decision we made during that early development. We get so entrenched in that belief that we forget we made it up or inherited it, and that it's not truly ours. 

The Mind Re-Mapping Program is designed to uncover these blind spots that have gotten created and unleash full self expression, love, happiness, and peace of mind that we have long desired. People who have done this work often also experience a breakthrough in their performance because what was holding them back is no longer there. 

The Stress Free Mom MD, Helping Women in Medicine Create the Life You Design