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    The ERA of The QUADRUPLE AIM is upon us and you don't want to be left behind

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    • Does your physicians and providers know how to support their own health and well-being?

    • Do the physician leaders understand how they can support the health and wellbeing of the people on their teams – do they know how to support their own health and wellbeing?

    • Does the organization have systems and support structures in place that actually support the health and wellbeing of the providers ongoing?

    If you answered “No” to even one of these questions, you need an organizational wellness plan.

    Being an “Enlightened Early Adopter” (EEA) of the Quadruple Aim will not only make you a preferred and desired career destination, it will make you a provider of choice, and will save you millions that you could be putting toward the future growth and expansion of your organization.



    • Learn What No One Will Tell You About the Root Causes Behind Physician and Organizational Burnout

    • New Distinctions in a Fun, Interactive and Transformational Environment

    • Flexible Program Options (Customize Your Program - See Topics of Choice)

    • Opportunity for Ongoing Support for Your Providers (Learn More About Our Outsource Coach Program)


    What a couple of our clients said ...

    “The Northside Hospital Department of Medical Education hosted Dr. Maiysha Clairborne for a presentation on Burnout in Physicians, Nurses and Staff, during our Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds. The information she delivered is valuable, and her presentation is interactive and engaging. Dr. Claiborne’s passion for the subject matter is evident and her style relatable. Attendees gained actionable ideas on burnout prevention and recovery in just one hour. The speaker evaluation opinions were all in agreement that the speaker was effective and the information presented would help to improve patient care. We recommend Dr. Clairborne to other groups looking to inspire and support their medical staff.”


    Edye Mahaffey

    CME Program Coordinator


    “Excellent training by Dr. Maiysha Clairborne for our annual 1st & 2nd yr resident retreat. This year our theme was on physician wellbeing and how to create the career life you want after residency. The residents truly enjoyed it and are still talking about it days later. They have even requested you come back the next year. Thank you!”

    ~ Dr. Jovan Adams, Houston Medical Center Faculty





    Choose from our Burnout to Balance Physician Burnout Prevention Series or our Leading Doctors OUT of Burnout Leadership Series

    Burnout to Balance Series:

    The Burnout to Balance Topic Series focuses on practical tools that physicians, leaders and staff can implement to decrease stress, achieve more balance and peace of mind instantly. Topics Include but are not limited to:

    From Burnout to Balance: Tools To Reconnect Physicians to Joyful Experience

    Life By Design: Dealing with the Root Cause of Burnout: Re-Aligning Our Priorities & Values

    Doctors Getting Un-Stuck: De-Conditioning the Burnout Mindset 


    Leading Doctors OUT of Burnout Leadership Series

    The Leading Doctors OUT of Burnout Leadership Series focuses on the actions that Physician & Hospital Leaders can take to create a blueprint of wellness  that keeps its doctors well for a healthier, happier, and more productive patient care organization.  Topics include but are not limited to:

    Leading Doctors OUT of Burnout: 5 Keys to Making Your Organization A Desired Career Destination

    The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Why EQ Matters in Physicians & Practice

    Creating Your Organizational Wellness Blueprint

    ***If you do not see your topic listed, Please call us to find out how we can provide the topic that are best fits for your organization.

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    Clairborne’s BIO

    Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an executive career and burnout prevention coach for medical professionals, an integrative family physician, and Founder/CEO of TheStressFreeMomMD.com. Her repeated exposure to and experience with treating exhaustion and burnout in physicians and as well as her own struggle with burnout is what inspired her to turn her focus exclusively to medical professionals.

    Dr. Maiysha has a passion for delivering trainings, workshops, keynotes, and retreats on burnout prevention & recovery, finding passion & purpose in medicine, and creating the ideal career. Dr. Clairborne has delivered her trainings in arenas such as the International Conference on Physician Health, CPR in Progress: Physician Women's Wellness Conference, and the annual internationally held WELLMED Physician Wellness Conference. In addition to private coaching & training through her own company, she also provides coaching services through The Happy MD, Vital Work Life, & Healthy Healer Program through Carolinas Medical Society. In addition, Dr. Clairborne, co-hosts radio show “The Wellness Blueprint”, and has authored two books “Eat Your Disease Away” & “The Wellness Blueprint”. She regularly writes articles for her blog TheStressFreeMD.com, TheHappyMD.com, and KevinMD.com. She is also a regular article contributor to Doximity, QuantiaMD, MomMD, and other online physician blog forums.

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