Be A The Stress Free Mom MD

Be A The Stress Free Mom MD

"No Problem Can Be Solved by the Same Consciousness That Created It"  ~ Albert Eintein.

Hey Dr. Mommy! Are you up late finishing patient charts again? 

Exhausted by the seemingly endless 10 and 12 hour work days, overbooked schedules and feeling like an overqualified IT professional, rather than a valued medical professional?

Maybe you're feeling frustrated, mad, and guilty from missing yet ANOTHER dinner with the kids, having to reschedule date night AGAIN, and seriously risking burnout from pushing too hard, too long.

It can feel lonely dealing with the pressures and overwhelm of being a doctor and a mommy, when your family and friends don’t understand, your colleagues are judging your competence, and your boss doesn’t care about anything except how many patients you see in a day.

There IS a solution though. That perfect balance of serving your patients, while still getting home in time to see the kids and spend quality time with your spouse is just round the corner ... Imagine leaving work at work, not missing any more dinners with the family, or cuddles with the spouse instead of drudging through the 100+ charts that have piled up over the last week....or to be able to enjoy vacations instead of thinking how many lab results, patient questions and med refills are going to be in your inbox when you get back?

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