Outsourced Physician Coaching Made Available for your Healthcare Provider

    Are you concerned about one or more of your physicians?

     As a leader it can be difficult to know how to help your physicians when you see them decompensating right in front of you.  You know they are stressed and exhausted, yet you see them continuing to push themselves, working themselves to the bone.  Furthermore, you may yourself feel like you have nothing left to give as a leader due to your own exhaustion, stress, and overwhelm.

     If you have ever lost a colleague to suicide or have seen one of your colleagues have to take medical leave, you know the impact of doing nothing.  This is why we exist, to provide a bridge for physicians who are suffering from stress, exhaustion, and burnout.  We provide outsourced coaching services for your organization so that your physicians can deal with the root cause of their burnout, and be happier, healthier, less stressed and more productive doctors for your organization. With our coaching alone more than two-thirds of your physicians will likely recover fully with no further intervention required.

    The benefit of Outsourced Coaching:

    • Simple, effective and easy to implement
    • No in house training or extra staff to hire
    • No extra work for existing physician leaders or executives to take on
    • Independent of your organization, so physician can feel safe and at ease about opening up, therefore making our coaching more effective
    • Providing Coaching for your physicians lets them know you are listening and that you care about them and their well-being
    • Coaching can be provided for burned out leaders and other staff as well if needed

    Referring your physicians is simple. Simply give us a call when you need to refer a physician in need, and we will assess and take care of the rest.  Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Outsource Physician Coaching Program & Other Offerings, or Fill out the form below to learn more about our Organizational Physician Coaching Services.




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