The Power of Vacation Learning


    "Choose Yourself, Choose Your Health"

    Enjoy one of our 3 very exclusive luxury retreats specifically designed for Dr. Mommies & Women in Medicine who are committed to creating a life by YOUR design.  "Wouldn't it be magical to retreat in a 5 star resort, with other like minded women professionals just like you creating your dream life? Wouldn’t that be totally powerful? 

     Just imagine, being in an exotic beach location with powerful professionals who can totally relate to you … and you all are relaxing on the beach, enjoying powdery white sand, calm clear blue water, nothing but soft soothing sounds of the ocean to renew and relax you while you create new ongoing structures to have that peace of mind be present every day of your life?  

     Why Retreats are one of the BEST WAYS to integrate learning new information and behaviors? Well, A study was published in 1995 that looked at the relationship between teacher verbal and nonverbal behavior, student state motivation to learn and cognitive and affective learning.  The study showed that when in a more relaxed state children tend to retain information better.  It’s the same with Adults! We learn better when we are relaxed!!!

    Begin Your Journey to Wellness

    Pathways to Peace of Mind

    Our first and foundation all inclusive retreat is our Return to Balance: Pathways to Peace of Mind Retreat in the beautiful Cayman Islands? In this retreat, we take on your life…what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s missing that could really elevate the quality of your health.  Consider it reconnecting to the Forgotten Source of Our Lives…the things that give us joy, peace, and fulfillment. How we do this is we start by more deeply distinguishing your priorities and your values and put in practices and structures to have them be aligned…so that you experience ease and power in every area of your life. This is the foundational weekend that re-introduces you to yourself and what you are committed to.



    Take the Next Step Toward a Life YOU Design


    Passion & Purpose

    Our second retreat is called “Passion & Purpose: Recipes to Living an Extraordinary Life” This retreat is all about Reclaiming Joy, Passion, and Purpose in your career and in your life.  In this retreat we dive deeper into the types of practices that will connect or reconnect you with your passion, and purpose leaving you with more joy and clarity about what’s so or next in your career. 

    The benefits reported from this retreat: You discover how you could wake up and be excited to go to work again…  You will wake up each day knowing that you were doing what you were put on this earth to do. You will discover what it’s like to be fully self expressed and then learn live that way daily.


    Create Multiple Streams of Income

    Plan & Play for Prosperity

    Are of you are sick and tired of dwindling reimbursements from insurance companies that want to try to determine how we take care patients? What if I could show you three ways around insurance companies that that bring you more income, and leave your patients more satisfied? 

    Would you like to make more money, but feel trapped in their current practice environment… Or feel like you don't have time to pursue anything even if you wanted to? What if I could show you five ways to earn additional income, without putting in a lot of additional time? Would you be interested in that? 

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Play & Plan for Prosperity Retreat is for you.  In this retreat we show you strategies that will help you leverage your MD in other areas, creating new pathways to prosperity and having fun while doing it.  We show you how to reduce your work week while increasing your income.  We give you the tools to create more freedom in your life and in your career.  We distinguish the link that will leave you powerfully creating abundance and freedom you may not have thought possible.  We teach you how to break the chains of corporate medicine through physician entrepreneurship, and we share with you secrets on how to  leverage your MD degree (whatever your specialty) in order to create new pathways to prosperity. 



    The Stress Free Mom MD, Helping Women in Medicine Create the Life You Design