Yvonne Whitelaw MD MPH

    Yvonne Whitelaw MD MPH

    Seeker. Wife. Mother. Humanitarian. Physician. Musician. Writer. Catalyst. Poet. Book Worm. Advocate. Serial-Quester. Traveler.

    Born in England, raised in Nigeria and the United States, Yvonne Whitelaw is the quintessential idealistic, eclectic, third-cultured Renaissance woman. As a wife and new mother seeking balance in a driven profession while training as a physician and a master of public health, she soon found herself burned out and disillusioned with a life that was not aligned with her ideals.


    Self-described as the “imaginary love-child of Schweitzer and Oprah”,  she decided to live her ideals, thriving in her calling and make a positive impact in the world. Now a Physician Coach, Facilitator and Advocate, She is certified as a Daring Way Facilitator and also certified as a Personal and Executive Coach in Positive Psychology. Yvonne helps physicians align with ideals that brought them to medicine, connect with other wholehearted physicians and thriving in integrated personal-professional lives without succumbing to compassion-fatigue, disillusionment or burnout. She is passionate about using writing, music, speaking, coaching and facilitation to inspire a wider global tribe of "thriving idealists" to “live your ideals, thrive in your calling and change the world.”  Her biggest, proudest and most important mission is raising, playing with, and being inspired by two angelic and wildly energetic daughters.

    She can be found at yvonnewhitelaw.com and thrivingphysicians.com

    The Stress Free Mom MD, Helping Women in Medicine Create the Life You Design