Mani Saint-Victor, MD

    Mani Saint-Victor, MD

    Dr Mani Saint-Victor is a business and life transformational guru for doctors, speakers, performers and artists, and coaches of all genres. His unique  methods help his clients design their personal lifestyle with more free time, greater earnings and truly effective work-life-integration through sharing their passion and their knowledge, not simply trading their time.

    He is highly niched by choice, collecting the most effective methods even if they bend or break the rules, breaks the cage and then breaks the mold. His transformational program is for thinkers without filters, for instinctive doers and people who will both approach the edge and step off it. Dr. Mani helps his clients transition from standard
    professional reputation to become niche industry luminaries, attracting loyalty from an ever growing fan base, and from a global market who celebrate their celebrity, and who desire and actively seek association with their personal brands.

    Dr Mani is a Harvard-trained physician, visionary leader, author of the “Student ID:How Identity Development Affects Success In School and Life”., Dr. Mani helps people craft a lifestyle dominated by their passion and core self instead of what they believe is expected by parents and societal norms.

    His brain-slapping style of research attracts clients from around the world to actively discover how their minds work and how to think their way to success (without shame). A true polymath, he’s brought much-needed science to the fuzzy world of self-improvement, and he’s equally at ease with everyone from billionaires to Tibetan throat singers

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