10 Reasons to Hire Dr. Clairborne As A Speaker

The professional speaking industry is no doubt growing, and everyone is jumping in and claiming to be a speaker these days. This can sometimes make it confusing and challenging for organizations who are trying to find the right speaker for their conference or event.It's important that your speaker has certain qualities so that not only does your audience leaves the event inspired, motivated, and excited, but they also leave armed with specific tools that they can begin to use immediately to turn their inspiration into manifestation.These 10 things are what not only draws organizations to me, but also leaves them satisfied every time at the end of my keynotes, workshops, and trainings.

1.I'm a board-certified family physician with 14 years of experience in my field.

2.I've been speaking for & working with corporations and communities for over a decade

3.I have a unique and very relevant message for your people. Your audience will not only remember me as a speaker but will also remember the topic because of how interesting and relevant it was for them both professionally and personally.

4.I do more than speak, I engage audiences – No one wants to be talked at. I bring the experience of an intimate conversation even with hundreds in the room. 

5. I can relate to your audience. I am not JUST an expert, I am a person. I'm a person who has been through the trenches of life and I'm never afraid to share my struggles in order to inspire others.

6.I use humor to deepen learning – Research has shown that the brain learns and recalls better when it's in a more relaxed state. Humor lower the stress hormone cortisol and increases endorphins thereby inducing a more relaxed state for the listeners.Also, everyone loves to laugh!

7.I bring practical solutions – Do I motivate? Sure. Do I inspire? My audiences say yes. But I think the most important thing that I do is bring practical solutions that your audience can implement right away. I'm a results coach. If I can't leave your people with actions that produce proven ad tangible results, I haven't done my job.

8.I create deep introspective moments – Part of what inspires my audiences is that make them thing in ways they've never thought before. I reframe their life, their current paradigm of thinking. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

9.I move audiences to action – One of my favorite quotes is "Action Expresses Priority". I always call my audiences to account. At the end they usually have at least 2-3 actions to move them forward.

10.I can provide ongoing support through programs & coaching for your people- I won't just leave you high and dry once my time on stage is done.I have books, online programs, coaching and workshops for your audience (organization) should they (you) need that support. The best news is, you could also just re-book me for more in-depth trainings should you so desire.

Whether you are a hospital needing a speaker for your next grand rounds, a corporation looking for a speaker for your next corporate training or retreat, a conference organizer looking for a dynamic speaker for your stage, or a professional association looking for a keynote for your next chapter meeting or even a special event, I invite you to consider me for your next event and give your audience the gift of transformational learning.

Dr. Clairborne's calendar is open for 2019.To learn more, visit www.DrMaiysha.com or to hire Dr. Clairborne email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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