Enough is Enough!

The last 2 months have been a sea of devastation between Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, earthquake in Mexico, fires in California, and now the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.This is compounded the political environment, state of the world.

With so much havoc and chaos in the world, it's easy to drop deeper into cynicism and resignation. It's easy to be paralyzed with fear. It would be comfortable to stay right where you are even if where you are is leading you down a path of physical, emotional and mental destruction.

During these times where nothing seems safe, secure, or certain, it's even more important than ever to take action toward creating a new future. If we are going to affect change in the lives of anyone else; if we are going to be there for the ones we care about; if we are to be leaders, we must first fix the foundation in our own house.

Think about it:

If you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed how can you fulfill upon your passion and purpose as a doctor?

If you yourself are stuck in anger, sadness, fear, shame or guilt, how can you empower other's well-being physical or otherwise?

If your energy bank account is overdrawn, how do you expect to give to your children, your spouse, much less your patients?

The answer is, you cannot!

That is exactly why, during times where nothing seems safe, secure, or certain, it is imperative to muster up the courage and strength to become the architect and build your own foundations. Because the truth is, the only real security in life is the security YOU create.

So, as I send prayers to all of those affected by the tragedy, I also send a call to action. Stop waiting for life to "fall into place".Life is too short for that. Stop hoping that "things will work out" or "things will change for the better". That's magical thinking. Stop delaying your vision "until". Until may never come. And most of all, stop trying to do it all by yourself. That's simply unnecessary.

There is Deep Hole in our side walk, people … and the only way to stop walking into the hole is to open our damn eyes so we can see where we are going and take a different action.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

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