5 Ways to Pamper Yourself for less than $50

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself for less than $50 Spa in DVN by Dennis Wong [https://flic.kr/p/4FjjBY] | CC BY 2.0

A hot topic of conversation lately is physician burnout. Professionals in our profession are working themselves into the ground. One sure fire way to make sure you don’t reach the point of burnout is setting aside some good R & R time for yourself. Have you daydreamt about a day at the spa, or a day of pampering, then fell back into reality thinking “Oh that’s too expensive!” or “I need to use that money to pay my ____ bill?” It’s so easy to neglect ourselves simply because we think that we don’t have the time. I’ve got something very radical to tell you! Pampering is NOT a luxury, it is a necessity. Here’s another little secret; Pampering doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Seeing your worth, and making that commitment to yourself a priority is key to managing your stress and having your life work for you. Though pampering does not have to cost a fortune, you should not be afraid to spend a little money on yourself now and again. Many times when we feel devalued, it’s because we are not properly valuing ourselves. However, for more practical and consistent pampering, try this short list of things that you can do for under $50 dollars.

1. Candlelight Bubble Bath One of the simplest things we can do (yes even men) after a busy week of serving patients is sink into a warm bath. Warm baths relax the muscles, and give you quiet space to relax the mind. This is a time to care for yourself. Try adding a little aromatherapy, mood lighting and music and you have created an evening of luxury. You can even add a loved one, and turn it into a romantic evening of luxury. Take a half hour to soak your stress away once per week. 2. Girls Night In Pamper Party To my fellow lady physicians, how often do we come together in celebration of friendship and sisterhood? We get so caught up in our professional and family lives, that we take little time for ourselves. Pamper parties are a great way to relax and enjoy fellowship with those you care about. They may include facials, massages, reflexology, and manicure/pedicures. You can either organize the pamper parties yourself, or purchase pre-organized parties from an organization. The great thing about these parties is that they are a cost effective way to create relaxing fun! Check out pamper parties in your area, and schedule a fun and relaxing evening with your friends. 3. Student Spa Services Do you desire to get a massage or spa services, but don’t want to spend a fortune? A perfect way to indulge in spa services on a budget is to consider the massage and spa schools in your area. Many of these schools have student clinics with discounted packages. Furthermore, because of the close observation required, the students tend to be very attentive to your needs and provide excellent services for the price. And much like a pamper party, you can organize a girls pamper day at one of these schools as well. Another great way to get spa services is to utilize massage or spa services. 4. Daily Deal Dinner for Two Groupon, Living Social, Scoutmob and others have become great ways to access luxury for cheap. Who doesn’t love a good deal. As physicians we work hard and this is a great way to stretch those dollars further. Outside of services, you can treat yourself, your friends, and/or your significant other to a luxurious dinner evening. This is a great way to try genres of food that you’ve never tried before and eat at restaurants you would normally not choose. Give yourself the gift of a luxurious meal this month. 5. City Stay-cation Have you wanted to have a weekend away, but you weren’t able to find the time, or feel constrained financially? City weekend getaways are the perfect escape on a budget. Find a nice hotel in a different part of the city from your place of residence and book it for yourself (if you have a significant other, for the two of you). You would likely be surprised by the last minute hotel deals that you can find. The daily deal sites also have travel deals available that are well worth the value. While this may cost you more than $50, it is well worth what you will pay for your well-being. And as earlier mentioned, you should treat yourself on a regular basis to more than you would normally and remind yourself that you ARE worth it! Just imagine for a moment actually doing these activities. Can you feel the relaxation already? Now imagine how returning to the office will feel after a relaxing weekend or night away. These small things can make a big difference in the way you show up to work and what you can offer your patients. Give them a try and all without breaking the bank!

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