My friends, family and people, I meet always wonder why I "quit medicine" when I tell them I've transitioned. They want to know why would I give up "being a doctor".

On the flip side, most physicians assume when I tell them I've transitioned that I did so because I couldn't stand it any longer. Both sides are often surprised by my answer, but by the time I'm done understand completely.

Today I woke up to an email from a burned out physician mom client of mine who when she showed up was ready to leave a job that was not only GROSSLY underpaying her, but treating her like she was somehow not pulling her weight (even though she was generating more revenue than some of the partners and getting paid a sliver of that (without the title mind you).She somehow thought she was going to be unemployable.First of all, I had to check her on that one. She first needed to know how Bad Ass she really was! Together we defined her ideal job, her deal breakers, her areas of compromise and a strategy to find that ideal job. So this morning when I got an email that she got an offer from that ideal practice, I had to do a happy dance.Oh and guess what? Income almost doubled!

Earlier this week, one of my Doc Mom clients on our last call together was preparing to launch her OWN coaching business at a very prestigious conference!She did this in only 10 months! That girl is on FIRE!

Last week I talked to a Dr. Mommy of mine who was about to move back to her home state to onboard to HER ideal job position. She is an OBGYN that was working herself into the ground as a partner in a practice that she really was not fulfilled in.

And…. Over the last 2 months, at least 3 more of my Doc Moms were either moving on to better jobs, negotiating better terms in their existing jobs, or reclaiming time, connection, and sense of self in their lives.

When I was practicing primarily clinical medicine I actually really loved it. I loved having my own practice, my patients, my staff, networking with colleagues.I really enjoyed my work (after all I had created a career by my own design).

So, WHY did I leave THAT?

One, I kept hearing the call… you know that nagging voice telling you that "It's time to do it BIGGER than you are doing it now?"Yeah, that voice.

Two, I kept seeing suffering without support.

And THREE I knew I could be THAT support…that guide that Doc Moms and other women in medicine needed to be the heroines they really are in their story.

So, Why did I "quit medicine" really?Well, first of all, I didn't really "quit medicine". I simply re-routed (in the words of my GPS).In fact, I'm still about 10% clinical (does that even count?). And I tell my friends and family that I'd never give up being a doctor (no one can take that away….dues paid, thank you!).

I transitioned so I could become a guide for the Dr. Mommies out there who don't already know, (or have lost) their inner "bad ass".  I transitioned to show them that they could to have the career they want AND the life they want at the income they want…. With a little strategy, structure and the proper systems, guidance and support.

I know my work is far from done (in fact it's only just begun). Some who are reading this may be wondering how THEY can get on board with that life.If you are one of those people and you are ready to reclaim your time, freedom, joy, and peace of mind…. If you want to be in a better job, negotiate better terms for today's job or transition careers altogether.Then schedule a call with me or PM me today.

Keep Breathing Mommies!

You've got this! And if you don't,

I've got you 



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