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Toxic job environment wearing you down? Thinking of leaving medicine altogether? Learn the secret to creating your ideal career without sacrificing your income, giving up what you love, or a job search nightmare. 

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Burnout to Balance Life By Design 7 Month Mastermind

“A good coach will give you great ideas AND make sure you act on them. A great coach will bring together a powerful group of like-minded individuals to exponentially expand the quality of the program and results.”

Above all we have commonality. We are women in medicine trying to balance our professional lives as physicians with our lives as moms, daughters, and spouses. If you are just beginning your path to self care, on the path and need more accountability, or just want to get ahead of the potential “downward spiral”, join a community of like minded women committed to physician mom wellness for this guided 6 month mastermind.

Join the Stress Free Mom MD Exclusive mastermind and get coaching, community and access to the ongoing expanding library of trainings on getting, and staying well in this unbalanced profession.


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What Are The Benefits?

This Results Producing Mastermind You Get:

  • Get clear on what you want so you can know where you are going and create a clear pathway to get there
  • Build the confidence & structures you need to be able to confidently create & communicate boundaries where need.
  • Learn the secrets to streamlining office workflow so you can finish work on time and leave work at work
  • Finally get the training and tools to be able to become an EMR power user without being a tech genius!
  • Be Accountable for your physical, mental and emotional well-being in a fun yet structured way.
  • Create a bullet proof self care plan so that you have a long term structure for your self-care
  • Reclaim the time you want to connect with your family, your spouse and the things you love
  • Get a Clear Strategy, Structure and the Resources that will help you create the career of your design


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What's Included?

This Results Producing Mastermind Includes:

  • 7 One on One Coaching Calls to Personalize Your Goals, Get You Through Stuck Spaces, and Keep you on Track & Producing Results
  • 7 Monthly Live Group Training Calls followed by Q & A to Deepen Your Knowledge & Move You Into New Action
  • Full Burnout to Balance Online Course (3+ hours of online training Valued at $1500)
  • Online Wellness Inventory complete with online journal - know the areas you most need to work on first and have an online journal to keep your progress
  • Online EMR Power User Training – Start finishing your charts and leaving work at work in 30 days or less.
  • Free Myers Briggs & MBVI Values Inventory Assessments - Better understand your personality and processing style so that you can know what things put you a higher risk for falling back into old patterns. Avoid jumping out of the flame & into the fire
  • Ideal Career Builder Training – Learn the secrets to finding and securing your Ideal Job without tech overwhelm or the job search nightmare
  • Physician's Monthly Empowerment Book Club – Get the resources that all of the most successful professionals are using to build and maintain wealth and balance
  • Community of like minded moms in medicine who understand what you are going through - connect, share ideas, and keep you accountable
  • Continued Growing Library of trainings on physician wellness, entrepreneurship, creating the ideal job

If you are tired of being exhausted, overwhelmed…
If you are tired of being stuck in a toxic job you hate or
If you are tired of being in a career that you no longer love
If you are tired of losing time with your family
If you are tired of taking your work home with you…
If you are tired of being overworked and unappreciated….

Then It's Time to Join Our Community!

What Our Dr. Mommies Had to Say
“I just wanted to take the time to let you know that in one hour's time, you helped propel me into making BIG CHANGES! Since your lecture, I quit the unorganized, inefficient practice where I was unhappily working. I've joined a new, peaceful practice that has a coaching support and a great business model. Two weeks in and I still have really good feelings about it.” ~T.M. MD, Family Medicine
“I learned so much from Dr. Claiborne's sessions. When I first started going to her, I was stressed out and didn't know if there was a way to settle down. Since I have some control of my time, I am feeling better about life, not as exhausted and a way more patient mom/wife. Thanks for your help.” ~S.S. MD Pediatric Emergency Medicine
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Meet Maiysha Clairborne M.D.

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an integrative family physician, an Associate Clinical Professor for Morehouse School of Medicine and the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Wellness, DocSupport LLC & Stress Free Mom MD.  

Her repeated exposure to and experience with treating exhaustion and burnout in physicians and as well as her own struggle with burnout is what inspired her to turn her focus exclusively to physicians.  

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